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              RELEASING PANELS




  • The renaissance of water based extinguishing systems for special hazard applications has led to our developing the PFC-4410, a microprocessor based multi-hazard control panel. The PFC-4410 is the flagship of the Potter releasing controls line. Its custom programmable LCD text display and 40 event history buffer are features previously found only on much larger fire alarm controls. Menu driven on-board programming facilitates the "virtual mapping" of its five input circuits to its four output circuits providing unparalleled flexibility.

  1)  The PFC-2000RC is a proven performer in both chemical and water-based extinguishing systems. Incorporating the most asked-for features, this microprocessor based two-zone control provides multiple operating modes, and abort circuit and pre-discharge timer as well as other popular specification items.
  •  $1190.00 EACH

  2)  Our PFC-100RC is rapidly becoming the benchmark for features in a single zone releasing control panel. Field selectable jumpers permit configuration of the initiating circuit class operation, pre-discharge times, releasing output times and trouble circuit operation. Extensive on-board diagnostic LEDs pinpoint trouble conditions to reduce service time.
  • 805.00 EACH


  • RA2R - Remote Annunciator 2 Zone Releasing Panel


  • For Use with PFC 2000RC

  • Stainless Steel Plate Mounts On Double Gang Box

  • 3 Red Alarm LEDS

  • 1 Red System Discharge LED

  • 1 Yellow Trouble lED

  • 1 Yellow Supervisory LED

  • Built In Buzzer With Momentary Silence Button

  • Listings: UL and FM Approved

CAM - Class A Indicating Appliance Circuit Module


  • For Use With PFC 4410

  • Converts One Standard Class B Circuit To One Class A Circuit

  • Listings: UL

CA2Z - Class A Intiating Zone  Module  / $48.13 each

  • For Use With PFC 4410

  • Converts Two Standard Class B Circuits To Two Class A Circuits

  • Listings: UL

ARM - 2   Auxiliary Relay Module   / $95.00 each

  • For Use With PFC 2000RC & PFC4410
  • DPDT Contacts Rated At 10 AMPS Resistive, 120/240 VAC 0-30 VDC
  • Use For: Fan Shutdown, Door Release, Elevator Recall, etc.
  • Listings: UL


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