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System Controlled Time


$1799.99 Each

  • User programmable
  • Eight program schedules
  • 64 time events per schedule
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight savings time
  • Four-digit time/event display
  • 12- hour AM/PM indication
  • 10 year battery backup
  • Surface, semi-flush or rack mountable
  • UL/cUL Listed
  • FCC Part 15, Class A/Industry Canada ICES-003, Class A


  • 120 or 220/240V AC 50/60Hz
  • 50VA (<0.5A @ 120V)
  • 32F to 175F (0C to 80C)
  • 12 lb (5.4kg)



The Edwards Catalog 2000-MTC Master Timer/Program Clock is a compact, microprocessor controlled clock capable of maintaining system time for Edwards digital clocks and many third-party secondary clocks.  The unit consists of a display unit and power/relay that can be assembled in a surface mount configuration.  The display unit has a digital display that shows the date and time and provides programming menus to guide the user through programming and operating modes.  A 12 button key pad is used to manually enter commands and programming instructions.  The front panel LEDs indicate control relay status.  The 2000-MTC uses the Edwards 2000-DCT-REL for timing control.

All wiring to AC power and secondary equipment (clocks, bells, and zone controls) connect to terminal blocks within the power/relay unit backbox using quick connects supplied with the master clock.

Time synchronization is derived from the AC line frequency.  The clock automatically detects the selection of 50 or 60 Hz.  During power failures, accurate time is maintained by a quartz crystal supported by lithium battery backup. When AC power is restored, the clock's microprocessor calculates the amount of time lost and resynchronizes the secondary clocks.  In addition to the hourly and periodic synchronization of secondary clocks, the master clock can automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

The master clock has eight circuits, four of which can be designated for clock synchronization.  Circuits not used for synchronization can be manually operated by the key pad, or automatically, according to the active schedule.  Each relay circuit can be wired to a separate path to control signal devices in specific areas of the facility.

The clock can be programmed with up to eight schedules, each containing up to 64 multi-functional events.  Schedules can be simultaneously active, providing up to 512 multi-functional events.  Each of the 64 events (per schedule) include the hour, minutes, days of the week, desired circuits, and duration of activation.  Each event can be set for 1 to 99 seconds or, using start and stop times, separated by 23 hours and 59 minutes.  A table of sixteen holidays can be created so that normal schedules can be easily modified and automatically restored at the end of each holiday.  The clock also maintains a schedule of up to 16 schedule-change dates to accommodate the automatic activation of seasonal schedule changes.  The master clock supports four modes of operation:  clock, program, run, and sleep.  Clock mode displays the time and date and scans the keypad for user input and the communication ports for external data.  Program mode interacts with the user during manual programming procedures, presenting the menus and saving user instructions in protected memory.  Run mode executes whenever AC power is applied to the master clock.  In run mode, secondary clocks are synchronized and user-programmed bell/zone schedules are carried out.  If AC power to the clock is interrupted, the clock enters sleep mode, in which programmed instructions and setup parameters are preserved and only the internal real-time clock remains active to maintain the date and time.  The master clock can be programmed from the front panel or from a computer using the supplied software.


Secondary Clock which can be operated and controlled by removable Eprom (supplied)
Dukane 24SS Series, 241SC, 24F200, 24750.  24F750A, 24D20, 24D20A, 24D40, 240 Series, Synchronous Wired
Lathem Type SS, ISC 2-Wire/3-Wire, SS Modified
Cincinnati D1, D2, D3, D4, D6, D8, D10
Simplex 77 Series, 91-9, 93-9, 941-9, 943-9, 75 Series 91-4, 93-4, 941-4, 943-4
IBM 75 Series, 77 Series
Standard Electric D10, D12, Impulse, Synchronous, AR-2A.  AR-2, AR-3
Stromberg 3000, Impulse, Synchronous 56th Minute
Edwards Synchronous E-1, Impulse, Dual Motor, 2000-DCT
Faraday Impulse, Synchronous
Rauland 2410 and 2422 Digital
Condor 2412 Digital
National Synchronous Wired
Honeywell ST402A
Others Electronic Coded, Straight Frequency



edwards system digital clock timer/controller, timing & scoreboard functionsSYSTEM DIGITAL CLOCK TIMER/ CONTROLLER


Timing & Scoreboard Functions



  • User-friendly front panel controls
  • Controls Edwards 2-inch & 4-inch digital clocks
  • Operating modes:  12 or 24 hr clock, count down timer, elapsed timer, score board, code blue elapsed timer
  • Operates independently or as a satellite to a master clock
  • Timer display settings:  Hrs/minutes, min/seconds
  • Textured gray ABS bezel
  • Textured gray polycarbonate panel
  • 10V DC (110mA) to 15V DC (75mA) or 10V AC (91mA) to 24V AC (50mA)  (use 2000-DCT-PS power supply)
  • Mounts in standard three or four-gang electrical box
  • 32F to 90F (0C to 32C)
The Edwards Catalog 2000-DCT Clock Timer/Controller is a compact, microprocessor-controlled unit that enables an Edwards two or four-inch Digital Secondary Clock to be used for timing, count down timing, score keeping and code blue timing.

The unit is designed for ease of use, with logical button groupings, intuitive labeling, and LED function guidance.  When a particular operating mode is selected, related LEDs illuminate to indicate the commands available in that mode.  A lock-out feature allows the front panel controls to be disabled, preventing unauthorized use.  The 2000-DCT and its associated clock can operate as a stand-alone clock/timer or as a secondary clock under the corrective control of an Edwards 2000-MTC Master Time/Program Clock.  The unit is powered by separate 24VAC or 15 VDC power; use the Edwards 2000-DCT-PS power supply.

The unit has five operating modes.  In the first, clock mode, the controller operates under the control of a master clock.  In the absence of a master clock, the timer/controller can operate in stand-alone mode, governing the time for its associated digital clock.  Stand-alone mode does not provide battery backup.

The second and third modes, Count Up Timer Mode and Count Down Timer Mode, count up from zero or down to zero from a user-selected start time.  The timer can count by minutes and hours or by seconds and minutes.  The unit can be set to run silent or to beep at determined increments.  The fourth mode, Score Board Mode, uses the digital clock as a simple score board.  The two left digits of the clock display the score of team 1 and the two right digits display the score of team 2.  The last mode, Code Blue Timer Mode, shows the elapsed time from when a code blue call is placed to when the STOP button is pressed on the controller.


Catalog Number Description Price Each
2000-DCT Digital Clock Timer/Controller $167.99
2000-DCT-REL Digital Clock Timer Relay - required when 2000-MTC Sync Digital Clocks $85.99
2000-DCT-PS Digital Clock Timer - Power Supply (one clock or controller) $65.99


system clock, edwards 2000-sc series



  • Highly visible two & four inch LED displays
  • 24VAC operation
  • Selectable LED display intensity
  • 12 or 24 hour display
  • High efficiency


  • FCC Part 15 Class A
  • ESD hardened to IEC 801-2 standards
  • 350mA (4-inch bright mode)
  • 250mA (4-inch normal mode)
  • 122mA (2-inch bright mode)
  • 67mA (2-inch mormal mode)
  • Pigtail Terminations
  • Antiglare acrylic lens
  • Charcoal gray ABS Plastic Bezel
The Edwards 2000-SC System Clocks are two and four inch Digital Clocks that provide a highly visible time display.  The 2000-SC4, four-inch clock, is visible for 160 feet (48.8m) in the bright intensity mode and 150 feet (45.7m) in the normal intensity mode.  The 2000-SC2, two-inch clock, is visible for 110 feet (33.5m) in the bright intensity mode and 100 feet (30.5m) in the normal intensity mode.  Either unit can be operated in either 12 or 24 hour format.  Each minute the time display on the clock updates to the master clock time.  This ensures that all clocks in the system are in exact synchronization, and that every clock in the system is as accurate as the master clock.

Compliance with FCC Part 15 Class A emissions has been verified and, as a result, the 2000-SC System Clocks meet the requirements for installation in educational, institutional, and commercial sites.  The installed clock is ESD hardened to IEC 801-2 Standards.

For new installations, the clocks flush mount into RACO #693, 4-gang masonry backbox, 2-1/2" (6.4cm) deep, or RACO #698, 3-1/2" (8.9cm) deep, or approved.  For surface mount installations use the Cat. No. 2000-SC4-SMB surface mount box for four-inch clocks and the Cat. No. 2000-SC2-SMB for two-inch clocks.






The Edwards 2000-SC-PS AC clock power supply provides a convenient source of 24VAC power for operating the 2000 Series system clocks.   The low voltage and current output of this supply allows Class 2 wiring to be used.  An onboard relay allows clock correction to be easily interfaced with the Edwards master clocks.  The supply mounts in the Edwards 2000-SC-PS-BB power supply backbox with the 2000-SC-PS-BBSD surface door.
Power Supply Measurements
Height Width Depth
4-1/2" (11.4cm) 14-1/4" (36.2cm) 3-5/8" (9.2cm)
Surface Door Measurements

14-11/16" (37.3cm)

15" (38.1cm)

1/2" (1.2cm)

Backbox Measurements

14-1/2" (36.8cm)

15" (38.1cm)

4" (10.2cm)



The Edwards 2000-SC4-DMB Dual Four-Inch Digital Clock Housing is designed for corridors or large rooms requiring a front and rear digital clock display.  The enclosure houses two Edwards four-inch 2000-SC4 clocks (purchased separately).  The 2000-SC4-DMB may be wall or ceiling mounted.  For mounting to a cement or cinder block wall, the housing mounts to a standard RACO two-gang masonry box.  Optionally, the housing can be flush-mounted to the ceiling or suspended below the ceiling using conduit extensions.  The unit measures 7" (17.8cm) high by 19" (48.3cm) wide by 4-1/2" (11.4cm) deep and is finished in charcoal gray.


Catalog Number Description Price Each
2000-SC4 System Clock, 4" Digital LED, Flush mounts in standard 4 gang box $279.99
2000-SC2 System Clock, 2" Digital LED, Flush mounts in standard 4 gang box $197.99
2000-SC4-SMB Surface Mount Back Box for 4" Digital Clock $50.99
2000-SC2-SMB Surface Mount Back Box for 2" Digital Clock $45.99
2000-SC4-DMB Dual Mount - Wall or Ceiling for 4" Digital Clock.  Requires 2 clocks. $101.99
2000-SC-PS System Clock, regulated power supply, 24V AC module $321.99
2000-SC-PS-BB Back box for regulated power supply $72.99
2000-SC-PS-BBSD Surface door for back box regulated power supply $75.99


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