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More Edwards Signaling Solutions


XTRA3A120  Power Expander Transformer

$229.99 Each

Boosts your ten zone Fire Shield NAC to 5.0 amps total.  Plugs for fast installation.

BC-2 Battery Cabinets

$149.99 Each

BC-2-Gray Battery box, holds 2 batteries.                           BC-2-R-Red Battery box, holds 2 batteries.


FSRRM Relay Module

$219.99 Each

Remote relay module.  Includes 5 Form C relays rated 1 amp each. May be programmed as zone relays 1-5 or 6-10 or as common relays for Power, Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory or Monitor.  Requires MFC-A box for mounting.

FSRRM Relay Module Includes 5 form c relays rated 1 amp each

FSRSI Remote System Indicator

$199.99 Each

The FSRSI Remote System Indicator is ideal for common system annunciation.  It includes five LEDs and a local silence/lamp test switch.  The LEDs indicate power status, alarm, supervisory, trouble and ground fault.

FSRSI Remote system indicator. Includes 5 leds

FSRZI-A Remote Zone Indicator

$249.99 Each

Monitors zone status at a remote location.  LEDs for alarm indication by zone.  Programmable for zones 1-5 or 6-10.  Single gang, gangable, decora switch plates.

FSRZI-A Remote zone indicator. Monitors zone status at a remote location

MFC-A Mounting Cabinet

$119.99 Each

Cabinet will hold up to eight FSRRM modules when used with two FSRRM-11 Snap-Traks.

FSRRM_S11 11" Snap-Trak

$59.99 Each

Holds up to four FSRRM modules for mounting in an MFC-A cabinet or other listed fire alarm enclosure.

FSAT* Trim Plate

2 gang @ $24.99 Each / 3 gang@ 29.99 Each

4 gang @ $39.99

Remote indicator trim plate.  Decora style. (*Add 2,3,or 4 for 2,3 or 4 gang plate.)


CTM4.7 City Tie Module

$219.99 Each

The CTM4.7 City Tie Module is an interface between the control panel notification appliance circuit and a master box.  It provides off-premises signal transmission for systems that must comply with NFPA requirements for Auxiliary Protective Systems.

CTM4.7 City Tie Module is a interface between the control panel notification appliance circuit and a master box.



RPM Reverse Polarity Module

$399.99 Each

The Edwards RPM Reverse Polarity Module is an interface between Fire Shield and a reverse polarity receiver.  It provides off-premises signal transmission for systems that must comply with NFPA requirements.  Mounts in MFC-A box.

Reverse polarity module RPM


FS_DACT Digital Communicator

$299.99 Each

The Edwards FS-DACT DACT/Dialer is a multi-function communications module that provides communications, modem capability, and LCD display functions.  Its primary function is a Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT).  As a DACT, it transmits event messages to a Digital Alarm Communicator Receiver (DACR) at a monitoring facility.

FS-DACT multi-function communications module


FSCU Configuration Software

$39.99 Each

Configuration/download software for use with a PC to allow remote or local download programming and uploading of configuration and event history.




FSTRIM35* Three and Five Zone Trim Ring

 3 zone @ $99.99 Each  /  5 zone @ $32.99 Each

Flush mount trim ring for three and five zone panels.  (*Insert "G" for gray of "R" for red.)

FSTRIM10*Ten Zone Trim Ring

10 Zone @ 129.99 Each

Flush mount rim ring for ten zone panels.  (*Insert "G" for gray or "R" for red.)


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